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Giants' Coughlin Is Not Being Heard

It seems pretty obvious that the New York Giants are no longer listening to head coach Tom Coughlin.

Big Blue View
summarizes the opinions about that from a variety of New York writers, and offers some thoughts of its own today.

Peter King of SI had this to say about the undisciplined Giants.

How can a team with the supposed maturity of the Giants melt down like it did Sunday at home?

Eli Manning throwing a preposterous left-handed shovel pass into triple coverage instead of eating it. Five personal-foul penalties — all against smart veterans like David Diehl and Kareem McKenzie. As I said on NBC last night, Tom Coughlin took the blame in his postgame press conference, but it was a different Coughlin who called out his players for their stupid play in the privacy of the locker room.

What peeved Coughlin is that he told his players during the week that Jeff Fisher teams were famous for provoking and needling the opposition, and you can’t take the bait; you’ve got to just walk away.