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SB Nation NY Top Five: Most Embarrassing Things About The Giants Loss

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The New York Giants' 29-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans was embarrassing on a lot of levels for Tom Coughlin's team. Embarrassing enough, in fact, that it is the subject of this week's 'SB Nation Top Five.'

Here are the five most embarrassing things about the game.

1. Five Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalties -- How on earth does that happen to an NFL team? Especially to a veteran one with lots of players who have won a Super Bowl and understand the discipline it takes to win football games.

2. That's two stadiums embarrassed in three games -- The Giants lost the final game at Giants Stadium, 41-9, to the Carolina Panthers last season. Now, in their second game at New Meadowlands Stadium, they have also embarrassed that building. Umm, fellas, you aren't getting any other buildings.

3. Eli Manning's left-handed throw -- Eli must have gone temporarily insane, throwing a left-handed interception into the end zone while falling down as he attempted to get the ball to a triple-covered Kevin Boss. Ill-advised is an understatement. Maybe the worst decision of Manning's seven seasons in the NFL.

4. Delay of game on a field goal -- How does that happen to a professional football team? It happens when a rookie who had never held prior to this season doesn't bother to keep an eye on the play clock as he gets set up. Ah, Jeff Feagles, why did you have to retire?

5. The Giants were actually better than the Titans -- Except for the stupid penalties. And the turnovers. And the inability to get a big play from their pass defense. And the putrid special teams. The Giants outgained Tennessee by 200 yards (471-271), had more first downs (26-17), ran more plays (70-58), averaged more yards per play (6.7-4.7), never had to punt the ball AND STILL LOST.