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NFL Power Rankings, Week 14: Jets No. 5, Giants No. 10

In this week’s aggregate Week 14 NFL Power Rankings from Real Clear Sports, the New York Jets are No. 5 and the New York Giants No. 10.

That is not nearly as big a fall as might have been anticipated for the Jets after Monday night’s 45-3 loss to the New England Patriots. pushed the Jets all the way to No. 9, but obviously many voters in other polls disagreed.

Real Clear Sports aggregates poll results from nine mainstream and fan outlets and comes up with an average. Two sources had the Jets as low as ninth, but The Sporting News still had the Jets No. 3 despite Monday’s debacle.

Overall, the top four are New England, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and New Orleans.

The Giants came out with an average score that placed them 10th overall after a second straight victory last Sunday. The Sporting News (which seems to love New York teams) had the Giants eighth. Every other poll had them either 10th or 11th.