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NFL Power Rankings, Week 14: Jets Fall To No. 9, Giants Rise To 10th

After Week 13's NFL results it was not hard to predict that the SB Nation Week 14 NFL Power Rankings would look something like this.

The New England Patriots, fresh off a 45-3 mutilation of the New York Jets on Monday Night Football, are the No. 1 team in SB Nation voting. That's where they were last week as well, just ahead of the Atlanta Falcons.

How about those Jets? Instead of climbing to No. 1, which the Jets might have done with a victory, the Jets nearly tumbled right out of the top 10. They dropped all the way from No. 3 a week ago to No. 9, and earned this derisive comment from SBNation:

I hate to drop the Jets so far but the Patriots loss was really bad. The Jets have been more like the Bills lately than the class of the AFC.

That one stings, if you're a Jets fan. It's also pretty tough to argue with.

As for the Giants, they moved from No. 12 to No. 10 after dismantling Washington, 31-7, and staying firmly in the thick of the NFC playoff picture. Here is's take on the Giants:

The Giants are looking good top to bottom. This is going to be a tough team over the next month. They just need to focus on beating the Eagles and winning the division.