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NFL Playoff Scenarios, Week 16: Giants Win, They're In

The NFL has released its official playoff scenarios entering Week 16 of the season.

For the New York Giants the scenario could not be any simpler. If they win Sunday, they are in the NFC playoffs as at least a wild-card team. Period. No fancy formulas. Win, get in. That’s it.

Of course, that is much easier said than done. The (9-5) Giants travel to Lambeau Field this week to take on the Green Packers (8-6), and the Packers are the one team that truthfully has a chance to take a playoff berth away from the Giants at this point. A loss Sunday and the Giants would have to beat Washington in the final week and hope the Packers lose to Chicago.

This week, however, it is simple. Get a victory, avoid the ‘need help from the Bears’ scenario.

Theoretically, the Giants could still win the NFC East. They would have to win both remaining games and the Eagles would have to lose twice.