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Bill Cowher Would Coach Giants, Two Other Teams

So, word is out that Bill Cowher would like to return to the sidelines next season, and that the New York Giants are apparently on his wish list. ESPN also reports that The Chin is interested in either the Miami Dolphins or Houston Texans' gigs.

What a wonderful time for this story to leak out! The Giants' fan base is up in arms after Sunday's 38-31 meltdown against Philadelphia, some are rashly calling for coach Tom Coughlin's head ... and, suddenly, the former Pittsburgh Steelers coach reportedly would like the job. If it becomes available, of course. Meaning, if the Giants implode and ownership decided to eat the final year of Coughlin's contract.

Giants co-owner John Mara bristled at questions about Coughlin's job status, and Cowher's apparent interest.

"That's ridiculous. That is ridiculous," Mara said. "Are we down to that? We were writing Bill Cowher stories two months ago and now we are going to write them again. That's ridiculous."
Former Steeler running back Jerome Bettis has insisted for months that Cowher covets the Giants job. Speculation is, however, that Miami is the most likely landing spot for Cowher. Unless the Giants implode and miss the playoffs entirely the guess here is any speculation about Coughlin's future would be moot. With a Super Bowl title in his pocket and five playoff appearances in six seasons the Giants would be hard-pressed to explain not allowing Coughlin to finish his contract.

In 15 seasons with Pittsburgh, Cowher had a .623 winning percentage and won one Super Bowl title.