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Giants' Steve Smith To Have Knee Surgery Next Week

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Steve Smith of the New York Giants has been placed on IR with a season-ending knee injury and will have surgery next week, according to published reports.

This does not sound like your run of the mill ordinary torn ligament knee surgery, either. Here is the explanation from the Star-Ledger’s Mike Garafolo:

The injury is on the non-weight bearing area of Smith’s knee. The damaged area is the posterior lateral femoral condyle. According to the person, It’s a complex procedure to repair the injury that will require mosaicplasty as well as some microfracture.

That adds up to a whole lot of big medical words that can’t mean very many good things for Smith’s knee. It won’t mean much good for his wallet, either. This is Smith’s contract year, and suffering this type of knee injury will certainly not put him in any sort of great bargaining position. I would expect the Giants keep Smith, the only receiver in franchise history with more than 100 catches in a season, just not at the dollar amount Smith thought he might be able to attain.

With Domenik Hixon also having had knee surgery, and Ramses Barden having broken an ankle, Giants receivers can do a whole lot of comparing scars when mini-camps roll around next season.

The Giants added tight end Jake Ballard from their practice squad to fill Smith’s spot on the 53-man roster.