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Brett Favre Out Tonight, Ending Streak of 297 Consecutive Starts

Brett Favre’s injury will not allow him to play for the Minnesota Vikings Monday night against the New York Giants. This means his NFL-record streak for consecutive starts will end at 297 games.

Favre was added to the inactive list about an hour and a half prior to kickoff according to the Vikings' official Twitter page, meaning that not only will he not start, the veteran quarterback won’t play at all.

Favre’s injury occurred on the Vikings' first play last week and he was unable to practice all week. There was hope that with the extra day, Favre might be able to play, but it appears the iron man’s streak is officially over. Tarvaris Jackson will start for Minnesota tonight at Ford Field in Detroit.

The streak began in 1992 when Favre played for the Green Bay Packers, when he replaced Don Majkowski after an early-season injury.

For the Giants, this makes another odd footnote to a very strange trip that began for them back on Saturday morning.