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Brett Favre's Streak May Finally Be Collared Tonight

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Extra day to rest or not, it seems increasingly likely that Brett Favre’s streak will end at 297 consecutive career starts.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune is reporting that the Vikings quarterback does not believe he will be able to play when the Vikings and New York Giants meet at Ford Field in Detroit.

Via Twitter, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen has been all over the Favre story this afternoon.

Mortensen has tweeted that neither Favre nor his teammates believe he will play tonight, that doctors have advised him that an injection that would enable him to play is too dangerous in that area and that doctors also think he should not play again this season. If he were to do that, it would likely be the end of Favre’s career.

I will believe that Favre won’t start when I see him in street clothes, or when I see Tarvaris Jackson run on the field for Minnesota’s first offensive series. The Pioneer Press is reporting that the 41-year-old quarterback’s collarbone is still “severely swollen.” With Favre, I guess we just have to wait and see.