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Metrodome Unplayable, Alternate Sites Sought For Giants-Vikings

The NFL is currently considering alternate sites for the postponed New York Giants-Minnesota Vikings game.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the following Sunday morning via Twitter: "We were notified this morning by the Metrodome authorities that the dome will not be available for the Giants-Vikings game on Monday or Tuesday. We are currently exploring alternatives to play the game Monday night at the University of Minnesota stadium or another domed NFL stadium. We will continue provide information as it becomes available.”

A variety of sites have been mentioned as possibilities:

- The game could be held outdoors at the University at Minnesota. Problem with that is temperatures are expected to be below zero at kickoff time Monday night.
- Ford Field in Detroit is another option.
- The dome in Indianapolis has also been mentioned, as have St. Louis and – of all places – Dallas.
- Tom Rock of Newsday figured out the distance from Minneapolis to several potential game sites. Per T-Rock, the distances are: From Minneapolis to Detroit – 690 miles. To Indy – 590 miles. To St.L – 562 miles.