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NFL Playoff Picture: Giants' Fan's Rooting Guide For Sunday

First and foremost, the New York Giants (8-4) need to keep winning games the next four weeks to emerge from the highly-competitive NFC with a playoff berth. There are, however, several games on Sunday that could impact the playoff scenarios facing the Giants.

Here is a Giants’ fan’s rooting guide to Sunday’s action.

Green Bay at Detroit
. Giants’ fans have to root for the 2-10 Lions to pull an upset of the 8-4 Packers. The Packers and Giants meet in two weeks, and these two teams could be fighting for one playoff spot. Go, Lions!

Tampa Bay at Washington
. I’m not holding out much hope here since the Redskins are a mess. It would, however, be really nice if Washington would knocf off the Buccaneers (7-5) and pretty much eliminate them fro playoff contention.

St. Louis at New Orleans. Here again I doubt the Giants are going to get help from the 6-6 Rams, especially on the road. But, it would be a big help if the Rams would beat the 9-3 Saints. Gotta root for Steve Spagnuolo, Fred Robbins and the other former Giants who are in St. Louis.

New England at Chicago
. Giants’ fans have to also be Patriots’ fans today. The Bears are 9-3, and it sure would help the Giants’ chances for Chicago to come back to them. The Giants, after all, own a tiebreaker over the Bears after beating them earlier this season.

Philadelphia at Dallas. C’mon, Giants’ fans. You know have to do root for Dallas today, as hard as that is. Take the NFC East title away from Philly and you don’t have to worry about all these crazy scenarios. The Cowboys can help the Giants do that. Go, ’Boys!