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Giants Are Getting That Super Feeling

The New York Giants are 6-2, have won five straight and are considered by many to be the class of the NFC halfway through the regular season.

Following Sunday’s dominant 41-7 victory in Seattle over the outgunned Seahawks the Giants could not escape talk about whether or not this could end up being a ‘Super’ season.

It’s a team that is looking better and better each game and Sunday it looked unstoppable.

“I feel we’re getting momentum each and every week, especially after we put on a performance as we did today,” said Antrel Rolle. “It pulls everyone closer. It lets everyone know we’re in this thing together and we’re not going to stop until we get what we want.”

At this point, it’s impossible not to start drawing comparisons to the last Giants team that got what it wanted, as shrill as that suggestion may sound to Tom Coughlin’s ears. Halfway through the season, the Giants are 6-2, having won five straight and, in many ways, they are playing better than the ’07 Super Bowl team, which also started 6-2, as well as the ’08 team that started 7-1.

This team has balance with an offense that has only been stopped when it has stopped itself and a defense that is just starting to play its best.

Sure, the Giants are trying not to think about it as they try to “stay humble,” as Justin Tuck said.

But even Tuck said, “I think so,” when asked if it’s starting to feel like ’07.

“It’s like this team … we know each other,” Tuck said. “We needed time to jell and I think we are jelling. The biggest scare I have is we start to get complacent and think every week is going to be like this. We have to be humble with this. We can’t start thinking we’re better than we really are.”

The Giants need to heed Tuck’s warning. Championships are not won in November. The Giants have every right to feel good about where they are, but in reality they have accomplished nothing yet.