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Tuck Challenges Giants, They Respond With Key Victory

The New York Giants went into the locker room Sunday trailing, 17-6, staring at a third straight loss that would have left them 6-5 with only razor-thin playoff hopes, and knowing that they had been physically manhandled by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the first 30 minutes.

They emerged with a 24-20 victory, and what went on during the intermission had a lot to do with it.

Defensive end Justin Tuck then laid it on the line for his teammates.

“I just challenged each of them. I told them that I was playing like crap, I told them that we were playing like crap and that in the second half we need to pick it up,” Tuck said.

After surrendering more than 230 yards in total offense in the first half the Giants allowed just 92 in the second half and created two turnovers. The game was won when Terrell Thomas forced Jacksonville quarterback David Garrard to fumble and Antrel Rolle recovered with 1:25 to play.