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NFC Playoff Picture: Giants On The Outside Looking In

Two weeks ago the New York Giants had won five straight games, boasted a 6-2 record and many were saying the Giants were the best team in the NFC. Now, the Giants are 6-4, have lost two straight games and would not even make the playoffs if the season ended today.

Such is the way of the week-to-week National Football League.

NFC East Standings

Philadelphia 7 3 0 284 226
New York Giants 6 4 0 253 220
Washington 5 5 0 202 245
Dallas 3 7 0 229 271

(updated 11.22.2010 at 4:51 AM EST)

The Giants are now second in the NFC East behind the 7-3 Philadelphia Eagles with six games to play. To make the road tougher the Giants have several teams in front of them if they end up fighting for a wild-card berth.

In the NFC South, Atlanta is 6-2, Tampa Bay is 7-3 and New Orleans is 7-3. In the NFC North, Chicago and Green Bay are both 7-3. In the NFC West, Seattle is a division-leading 5-5. That puts three teams in better position than the Giants right now to earn the conference's two wild-card berths.

So, the Giants now have their backs to the wall. They have to stop giving games away and get down to business.

Final - 11.21.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
New York Giants 0 3 7 7 17
Philadelphia Eagles 7 6 3 11 27

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