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Eagles 27, Giants 17: Generous Giants Beat Themselves

Just call them the Generous Giants. The New York Giants came out on the short end of a 27-17 score against the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night, a loss that saw them fall behind the 7-3 Eagles in the NFC East.

The Eagles did not beat the Giants. The Giants beat the Giants. Five turnovers and two more fumbles they could have lost except for the hustle of center Rich Seubert. An exasperated Giants coach Tom Coughlin said after the game "the careless disregard for the ball…which no on seems to be able to do anything about ... cost us the football game."

This is getting to be an old, tired story for the Giants. They are now -8 on the season in takeaways/giveaways. Only four teams in the league are worse. The biggest difference between the Giants and the first-place Eagles right now? Philadelphia is a league-best +15 in takeaways/giveaways.

Sunday night Eli Manning threw three more interceptions, and now has the ridiculously high total of 16 for the season. He has also fumbled the ball seven times, losing five. Contrast that to Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who has yet to throw an interception (albeit in fewer games) and lost his first fumble of the season Sunday night.

Giants' running back Ahmad Bradshaw fumbled for the sixth time Sunday night and nearly a seventh (a fumble that was reversed by replay).

In three of the Giants' four losses this season turnovers and penalties have caused their demise, not the opposition.

  • In a 29-10 loss to Tennessee, three turnovers (two interceptions and a fumble) and 11 penalties led to the loss.
  • A week ago, in a 33-20 loss to Dallas, the Giants had three turnovers (two interceptions and a fumble) and committed eight penalties. Two of those penalties took touchdowns off the board.
  • Sunday, it was five turnovers.

As the Giants wake up today, they are outside of the NFC playoffs looking in. If they can't start taking better care of the football it will stay that way.

NFC East Standings

Philadelphia 7 3 0 284 226
New York Giants 6 4 0 253 220
Washington 5 5 0 202 245
Dallas 3 7 0 229 271

(updated 11.22.2010 at 4:51 AM EST)