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NFL Power Rankings, Week 11: Aggregate Rankings for Jets, Giants

Everybody has a different opinion when it comes to NFL Power Rankings. That’s why I love the aggregate work done by Real Clear Sports, compiling rankings from nine major mainstream and fan outlets and coming up with an average ranking.

When it comes to Week 11 NFL Power Rankings here is how the New York teams fared.

The New York Jets ended up third in the aggregate rankings. Rex Ryan’s team got first-place votes (really?) from FOX Sports and the Sporting News, and fourth-place votes from SB Nation, AOL Fanhouse and USA Today. Overall, that places them third behind New England and Atlanta.

The New York Giants dropped to ninth overall after a 33-20 loss to Dallas. The received a fourth-place vote from FOX, which must be using the ‘throw out the lowest score’ theory. The Giants were placed 10th by and SB Nation (thanks a lot, folks at the mothership!).