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Cowboys 33, Giants 20: New York Falls As Garrett Debuts With Victory

The New York Giants seemed willing accomplices Sunday in the ‘Jason Garrett is the Dallas Cowboys’ knight in shining armor’ story. The Giants (6-3) were atrocious defensively and made numerous mistakes offensively as the 2-7 Cowboys defeated the Giants, 33-20, at New Meadowlands Stadium.

Things were so bad for the Giants that the brand new $1.6 billion stadium couldn’t even make it through the entire game without malfunctioning. The game was delayed for 12 minutes after the second of two power outages in the third quarter caused all of the stadium’s lights to go out.

Here is the Giants’ official statement on the power outages:

The New Meadowlands Stadium experienced two power outages in the 3rd quarter of tonight’s game. Power was lost when one of the two feeders to the stadium experienced a power interruption. The power source to the stadium was then switched to the second feeder. The appearance of the stadium not being at full power at that time occurred because the halogen lighting had not fully powered up. A second power interruption occurred to the second feeder causing a full outage. Functionality to the original feeder was restored and we are now receiving power though that feeder. We are currently investigating the original cause of the interruption.

The Giants hurt themselves offensively with mistakes and turnovers. A false start penalty cost them one first-half touchdown, and two plays later Bryan McCann intercepted an Eli Manning pass and ran it back 101 yards for a touchdown.

In the second half a holding penalty on guard Kevin Boothe negated a 48-yard touchdown pass to Hakeem Nicks.

All in all, a bad game for the Giants. A reason for the Cowboys, however, to smile.