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NFL Power Rankings: Giants No. 2 Overall, Jets No. 4

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If you are an NFL Power Rankings junkie, I hope you are aware of the work done by the folks at Real Clear Sports. Each week the folks at RCS make it easy for you to see how your ranks across the board by aggregating the rankings from all of the major mainstream outlets and blog networks, including SB Nation.

For Week 10 of the NFL season the aggregate rankings from a combination of nine mainstream an blog polls place the streaking New York Giants at No. 2, just behind the Baltimore Ravens and in front of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Giants are No. 1 in three of the polls used and as low as No. 7 in two others, including the SB Nation one.

The New York Jets are No. 4 in the RCS aggregate rankings, behind Pittsburgh and in front of No. 5 Atlanta. The Jets were voted No. 1 in one poll and as low as No. 7 in another.

Check back every Wednesday when we will post the aggregate rankings from the folks at RCS.