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Giants At Texans: Keith Bulluck Unlikely To Play

New York Giants linebacker Keith Bulluck is not expected to play Sunday against the Houston Texas. The turf toe that kept him out against Chicago last Sunday is not improving quickly enough.

“It’s a frustrating situation for myself and I’m sure for the powers that be,” Bulluck told reporters. “I wasn’t brought here to rehab all season, so I need to hurry up and speed up my recovery.”

Just getting the recovery going, period, would be progress at this point. Tom Coughlin and Bulluck said the team is trying a new, unspecified treatment after previous strategies didn’t work.

“It hasn’t gotten worse, but it hasn’t gotten better,” Bulluck said. “I just gotta make sure I stay on top of everything, with my toe, with my football studies, with my knee. It’s just a lot. It’s early in the season.”

All Coughlin would say about Bulluck is “we’ll see if we can get him for next week.”

Bulluck, the Giants starting strong-side linebacker, would have played extensively this week against Houston. The Texans feature the NFL’s leading rusher, Arian Foster, and former Giant running back Derrick Ward.

Clint Sintim will start in Bulluck’s place, and defensive coordinator Perry Fewell expects the second-year linebacker to play much more than he did against the pass-happy Chicago Bears.

“Sintim will play a lot. Yes, he’s going to play a lot in this football game,” Fewell said. “he’s put in an excellent week of practice. We’ve liked the way he’s focused and the way he’s taken on the challenge of, hey I’m going to step up and do my part. So we’ve just got to wait until Sunday to see if he can fulfill that role.”