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Joe Namath Rips Cowboys

Former New York Jets Super Bowl hero Joe Namath has had an awful lot to say this season about his former team. Well, the Jets have a bye this week. so Broadway Joe had to find a new target.

Namath did not have much trouble doing that, ripping the Dallas Cowboys during his weekly Sirious Radio show with Adam Schein. Here are the details, from Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News.

“Their focus has been horrendous,” Namath said. “You look at the number of penalties and breakdowns they’ve had, their head’s not in the game, it really isn’t. The smarter teams come out on top, the teams that don’t destroy themselves.

“And the Cowboys have not learned how to focus on the team in the locker room, and outside issues not interfering with their play. And that’s what’s happened. I really believe they all feel like they’re big stars and they’re not working as hard as they think they are.”

So who’s fault is all that? Namath made it clear the blame is all on the players, though he certainly appeared to hint that some of the problem in Dallas is owner Jerry Jones.

“I know (Jones) is trying to win and he’s doing everything he can to get it done,” Namath said. “Is his place as a general manager, is it correct? I don’t know. But I do know this: He owns the team, right? We always did what the boss said.

“I don’t think he in any way has caused the problems that the players are having on the field. I think his enthusiasm, his desire for success, is strong. It’s one of the strong things the Cowboys have. It comes down to that nucleus of players. They’re not getting it done.”

Oh, Joe. Couldn’t you have chosen a week when the ’Boys were not hosting the Giants to go and give them a motivational speech? Thanks a lot!