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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Giants select Tank Carradine

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New York lost some talent on the defensive line this year but would replace it by drafting Carradine.


In the latest edition of SB Nation's NFL mock draft by Dan Kadar, the New York Giants fill the void created when Osi Umenyiora left, drafting defensive end Cornellius Carradine with the No. 19 overall pick.

Carradine, at 6'5'' and 265 pounds, is one of the more athletic players and the draft and has proven he can absolutely wreck a game, showing his considerable skills for the Florida State Seminoles. The only worry is his injury history. Last year, Carradine was lost for the season with a torn ACL on Nov. 24 against the Florida Gators.

Up to that point, Carradine had amassed 11 sacks in as many games, displaying his all-world ability.

Many experts didn't believe Carradone would be a first round pick solely because of the knee injury, but Carradine's progress has convinced most teams that he'll be just fine.

If he falls to the Giants, it would make a ton of sense for Big Blue to jump all over him at this spot.

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