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2012 NFL Power Rankings: Giants slotted higher than a playoff team by SB Nation

Despite not making the playoffs the Giants finished ahead of the playoff-bound Ravens in the final SB Nation Power Rankings.

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The New York Giants finished the 2012 season with an impressive 42-7 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday, however, the result did not lead to the defending Super Bowl Champion earn a NFC playoff berth.

Though, the Giants fell short of making the postseason SB Nation's final NFL Power Rankings, created by NFL Editor Joel Thorman, ranked New York ahead of playoff-bound Baltimore Ravens on Tuesday.

The Giants finished the year as the No. 12-ranked team. At the beginning of the season, New York was slotted No. 2 overall.

Here's what Thorman had to say about the Giants:

12. New York Giants (LW: 15, 9-7): They won nine games last year and went on to win the Super Bowl. They win nine games this year and miss the playoffs.

Overall, the Denver Broncos finished the regular season as the No. 1-ranked team, while the Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers polished off the top five, respectively.

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The New York Jets were ranked No. 26 overall.