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2012 NFL Power Rankings, Week 16: Giants, Jets, both slipping

The New York Giants still have a shot at the playoffs, but the New York Jets are done, as both teams slid heavily in Week 16 power rankings.

Kevin C. Cox

New York's two NFL teams tried to out-ugly each other Week 15, leading to both sliding in power rankings along with their playoff hopes.

For the New York Giants, it was a 34-0 loss to the Atlanta Falcons, putting them in a three-way tie on top of the NFC East when they could've held onto a lead with a win. For the New York Jets, it was a 14-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans in which Mark Sanchez threw four picks.

The Giants still find themselves in the top half of most power rankings, NFC East blogger Dan Graziano of ESPN explained why the team dropped five spots in ESPN's power rankings to No. 12:

They have squandered their lead and are in danger of missing the playoffs. Something's just not there that was there before.

Others had them in the same area, with also putting them at No. 12, CBS bringing them down to No. 10, and FOX dropping them to No. 15. Joel Thorman of SB Nation had a different, albeit sarcastic reaction explaining why he left them as high as No. 11 in his Week 16 NFL power rankings.

When the Falcons crushed the Giants, my first thought was: "Well, that's it. The Giants will run the table and win the Super Bowl."

The Jets playoff hopes are now done, and Bill Billick had the most apt summary when he put them at No. 26 for FOX:

Umm . . .

They're in the 20's by all estimates: CBS and ESPN have them relatively high at No. 21 while and SB Nation puts them at 24,