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Giants vs. Falcons 2012: Are the Giants still a contender?

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After Sunday's loss to the Falcons, New York fans are questioning whether or not the Giants are still a Super Bowl contender.


The New York Giants' 34-0 loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday dropped the Giants into a three-way tie for the East division lead, but it also made some New York fans question whether the Giants are still Super Bowl contenders.

After a slow start last season, the Giants rode a late-season surge to the Super Bowl title, but Ed Valentine of Big Blue View does not expect them to do it again. Instead, Valentine said the Giants will be fortunate to even make the the playoffs. New York is tied with Dallas and Washington for the East division lead, but is currently third due to tiebreakers.

While New York was able to overcome missed opportunities last season, Valentine said by doing it again this season, they were eventually going to get burned.

The Giants got the first part of last season's formula right as they squandered a number of games this season they should have won. Sunday's humiliating defeat, however, reminds us that simply because it happened once doesn't mean it will happen again.

New York fans can at least take solace in the fact the Giants control their own destiny. If the Giants are able to win both of their final two games, they would make the playoffs as at least a wild card.