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Ahmad Bradshaw injury: Running back has MRI on knee


Ahmad Bradshaw, who has battled foot injuries for much of the season, was in and out of Sunday's lineup wfor the New York Giants with a knee injury. That opened the door for rookie David Wilson to have a record-setting performance.

Wilson totaled 327 yards in offense, a franchise record. H carried 13 times for 100 yards and two scores, including a 52-yarder, and had 227 yards in kickoff returns, including a 97-yard touchdown.

Monday, the Giants are in the process of finding out how badly Bradshaw is injured. The veteran running back underwent an MRI on Monday and head coach Tom Coughlin said he "wouldn't speculate on anything right now."

With Bradshaw's injury issues mounting Coughlin was glad to see Wilson step into the limelight.

"The timing is great for David to come to the front and he'll hopefully provide us with that spark we need right now to go along with the rest of our players to give us an added playmaker that people are going to have to flat-out defend," Coughlin said. "He's been growing and building towards this opportunity."

Wide receiver Hakeem Nicks, who has battled foot and knee issues all season, was spotted entering the X-Ray room after the game. Coughlin said Nicks will deal with being limited by his injuries for the rest of the season.

"He's sore. He's still... the issues with the knee and so on and so forth. So he's going to continue in the same capacity that he's been in. I wish that he would have an opportunity to play after no longer having any issues, but that's not going to be the case this year," Coughlin said.

Cornerback Prince Amukamara left late in the game with a hamstring injury. "We'll just have to see the severity of it as we go along this week," Coughlin said.