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New York Giants donate $500K to relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy

The defending Super Bowl champions are helping out those effected by Hurricane Sandy


A week after one of the worst natural disasters in United States history, victims of Hurricane Sandy are still asking for help, and Tuesday it was announced the New York Giants are going to do just that.

The defending Super Bowl champions will donate $500,000 to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. The gesture comes almost a week after the NFL pledged $1 million.

On Sunday, many football fans who were effected by the hurricane attend the Giants' 24-20 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers that was played at MetLife Stadium located in East Rutherford, N.J. Many fans used the Sunday night showdown as an escape from not having no power, heat or food.

At the game, the Giants held a food drive that brought in a large amount of donations.

It's estimated that Hurricane Sandy may have caused $50 billion of damage, mostly in New York City and New Jersey.

This story originally appeared at SB Nation.