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Steelers 24, Giants 20: Post-game quotes

Rich Schultz

Here is some of what New York Giants' players were saying following Sunday's 24-20 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers at MetLife Stadium.

Justin Tuck:

"We had a lot riding on this game. Everyone knows about what's taken place this last week in this area. A lot of us have been affected ourselves and we wanted to come out and put some smiles on faces. That's frustrating itself, but then knowing you had the opportunity to beat a great football team at home and letting that slip through your hands. We've been a team known for finishing; we take the lead in the fourth quarter and we don't sustain it - that's frustrating; that's not us."

Michael Boley:

"I'm very disappointed. Not only that, this was a game that we knew was going to be a tough game. It's a game that we thought we could win. So, to come out and basically play the way we did was very disappointing. ... Not only were we looking forward to this game, a lot of fans were looking forward to this game. A lot of people from just in our area in general. This was something we were hoping to brighten some peoples' days."

Eli Manning:

"I thought our focus was good. I thought our practice was good all week. I thought guys knew the game plan and knew what to expect. I don't think that was the case - it wasn't like guys were doing the wrong things and guys were in the wrong spots. That wasn't the case. It was a matter of we didn't play well enough offensively. Sometimes you have those games and obviously they're a good defense. They're talented and they do a great job with the defense mixing up the looks. I think we just didn't have it, but we've been in those situations where you have those tough games but in the fourth quarter you need drives and plays, we've been able to bounce back and make those plays, but we didn't do that tonight."

-- Full transcripts at Big Blue View