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Giants-Packers score update: Giants up 38-10 after record-setting Manning pass

Eli Manning set a New York Giants record with his 200th career passing touchdown, while a great pass rush has the Giants up four touchdowns over the Green Bay Packers with a quarter to go.

Al Bello

The New York Giants extended their lead over the Green Bay Packers to 28 in the third quarter on Sunday night, with Eli Manning setting the Giants' record for passing touchdowns with a toss to Hakeem Nicks.

Nicks appeared to lose the ball while lunging for the end zone at the end of a pass down the middle, and his apparent fumble was recovered by Green Bay defenders, but it was eventually ruled that the ball crossed the plane in Nicks' possession, giving him a 13-yard touchdown. It's the 200th passing score of Manning's career.

New York's defense has been stout, sacking Aaron Rodgers five times and flushing him out of the pocket on other occasions. The Packers were able to work the middle of the field on some occasions, but there's no running game - Rodgers leads the team with 22 yards on the ground, Alex Green is the leading running back with 16 yards on eight carries - and Rodgers isn't getting much time. He nearly tossed a pick early in the half when his arm was hit while passing, but the Giants' defense muffed the easy catch and allowed Jermichael Finley to catch the pass. Rodgers has managed to make some nice plays passing after rolling out of the pocket, but he's flustered by the nearly constant pressure.