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Giants' coach Tom Coughlin tired of the 'November swoon' questions

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Tom Coughlin
Tom Coughlin
Rich Schultz

The New York Giants have lost two straight games and, coming off a bye week, head coach Tom Coughlin is tired of talking about the losing and the history of November struggles.

"I’m really tired about answering all the questions about what’s wrong and I’d rather we play a game and play it well and answer the questions that way," Coughlin said Wednesday.

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The Giants, of course, have a history of struggling in November, but have twice been able to rebound from those struggles and win Super Bowl titles during Coughlin's first eight seasons.

"In the past we’ve done that. We certainly have intrigued people along the way, though, and some opportunities we could’ve taken advantage of that we didn’t," Coughlin said. "We are coming off of a bye clinging to a very small lead in our division and have to win football games and the fact that it is a six-game schedule for us now. One game at a time for six weeks, everything we’ve got, full speed ahead, prove the quality of our football team."

This is familiar turf for the Giants. Beginning Sunday against the Green Bay Packers we found out how it turns out this time.