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NFL Week 9 picks and predictions: Steelers vs. Giants

Expert picks are split between the Steelers and Giants as the teams meet for the first time since 2008.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers travel to MetLife Stadium to face the New York Giants in Week 9 on Sunday, and expert's predictions are slightly siding with the Giants.

In his weekly picks post, SB Nation's Joel Thorman had to get some additional help in choosing New York as a 21-20 winner, saying, "Every week, there's a game like this, one that I have to flip a coin to pick. The Giants strength is their passing offense (No. 6) and the Steelers strength is their passing defense (No. 1).

"The coin flip says the Giants protect their home turf."

Elsewhere, ESPN's 12-man panel of football gurus were spilt down the middle, 6-6, while Yahoo! Sports thee-man selection crew of Jason Cole, Les Carpenter and Mike Silver picked 2-1 in favor of the Giants.

Sports Illustrated's Peter King foresees a 30-20 win at home for New York, and lamented the fact that teams featuring quarterbacks like Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger shouldn't only be meeting for the third time in their respective careers.

"Odds are, barring a Super Bowl set-to, they'll meet only once more, in 2016, when Manning is 35 and Roethlisberger 34," King writes, adding, "The NFL shouldn't change teams playing two games against the three division foes. But the other 10 games, annually, should be played equally against the other 28 teams in the league."