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NFL Power Rankings 2012: Jets, Giants sliding on losing streaks

The New York Jets and New York Giants are riding two- and three-game losing streaks respectively, although the Giants still remain in the top half of NFL power rankings with the Jets near the bottom five.

Otto Greule Jr

Both the New York Jets and New York Giants are riding losing streaks that have them quickly tumbling in power rankings after Week 10 play.

The Giants tend to find themselves around the No. 10 spot of various power rankings after their second consecutive loss this one a blowout at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals. After Sunday's game, the Giants are topping out at No. 10 in ESPN's rankings and going as low as No. 14 in FOX Sports' rankings. Luckily, they remain in control of their division, as nobody else is really rising to overtake them, as succinctly pointed out by Joel Thorman in his Week 11 SB Nation NFL Power Rankings.

11. New York Giants (LW: 6, 6-4): Will someone just win the damn NFC East already?

As for the Jets, they're tunneling towards the bottom five spots in the league after their third consecutive loss, and another game with less than ten points. ESPN also was most enthusiastic about the Jets, putting them at No. 26, while had them at No. 28, with SB Nation, FOX, and CBS putting them at No. 27. Thorman pointed out that people will continue talking about Tim Tebow while the team struggles with Mark Sanchez, and the other four sites included here obliged him by mentioning Tebow. From

Sure am glad the Tim Tebow critics out there still think the New York Jets don't need to press the panic button by going to the game's most famous backup. "He's not a real quarterback, he's a fullback," you can hear them say. A fullback, huh? Mark Sanchez has completed less than 50 percent of his passes in five different starts this season (a league high). So, what's he?