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Eli Manning: 'We're still in a good position'

The Giants enter the bye week on a two-game losing streak, with the offense struggling mightily. But quarterback Eli Manning is still comfortable with their position in the NFC.

Andy Lyons

The New York Giants stagger into their bye week on a two-game losing streak, their once-commanding lead in the NFC East cut to just one game in the loss column. Eli Manning and a prolific passing attack have dropped off dramatically in that stretch, but the Giants quarterback remains undeterred and is convinced his team is in good shape heading into their week off.

Manning spoke about the Giants position one day after a blowout loss to the Bengals:

"We're still in a good position. If you said after 10 games, we'd be winning our division, you take that every time" he said. He then went on to cite the comparable rough patches the team has endured in the past, including during their two recent runs to Super Bowl titles. "So that's where we stand and we've been through stretches before where we haven't been playing our best, but we've been able to bounce out of them and we've got time to rest up this week, get back healthy, get refreshed and come back. We got a six-game season. It's all going to come down to what happens in those six games. We're in control of our own destiny."

Manning indicated that the week off comes at a good time, and that Tom Coughlin has given the team time to get away from the facility and take their minds off football. The Pro Bowl quarterback seemed to think some time away will help the team clear their minds and come back reenergized for the final six games of the season. It won't get any easier after the bye, however, as the Green Bay Packers come to the Meadowlands in Week 12.