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Getting defensive: Tom Coughlin addresses Giants' woes on D

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Al Bello - Getty Images

New York Giants' coach Tom Coughlin admitted Monday that he is concerned about the team's defense. The Giants did not have a sack of Cleveland Browns' quarterback Brandon Weeden Sunday, and after the Browns had scored on their first three possessions the Giants had given up scores on eight straight possessions. Cleveland running back Trent Richardson had 81 yards on 17 carries one week after LeSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles gashed the Giants for 123 yards rushing.

The Giants' vaunted pass rush has generated only eight sacks in five games, 24th in the league.

"Strategy or not it (lack of pass rush) has definitely slowed us down a little bit. We've gotta look hard at how we can get this thing resolved and get some more pressure on the quarterback. We're gonna try to do that," Coughlin said.

Coughlin also did not like what he was from the run defense. He indicated, rightly, that the 81 yards Richardson totalled felt like a lot more than that.

"We didn't stop the run very well yesterday," Coughlin said. "And it wasn't just the run. The screen hurt us yesterday. The missed tackles is the concern."

The question now is what the Giants will do about it. With the San Francisco 49ers next on the schedule the Giants need to find some answers in a hurry.