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Ahmad Bradshaw: 'I just ran angry today'

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Ahmad Bradshaw says he 'ran angry' while compiling 200 yards as the giants defeated the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, 41-27.

Elsa - Getty Images

In many ways, the New York giuants' 41-27 victory over the Cleveland Browns was typical Giants. Fall behind 14-0 to a winless team not nearly as good as the defending champion Giants, then claw their way back and win a game that turned out to be more difficult than it had to be.

The performance of Ahmad Bradshaw summed it up. Bradshaw responded to a fumble on his first carry that led to a Cleveland touchdown by turning in a career-best 200-yard day on 30 carries, which was also a career high. [Full Bradshaw transcript]

"You know what? We fight back. We play better with our backs to the wall. I started the game off great with the fumble and I just fought back," Bradshaw said. "I stayed hard on myself after the fumble and I wanted to use it with the ball in my hand and I just ran angry today. I'm mad at myself for the fumble."

Bradshaw credited his blockers with helping him have a career performance.

"My hat goes off to my lineman; they did a great job. They couldn't have done any better. There were holes everywhere. All I did was just run and it was a great day, great game and we came out successful," Bradshaw said.