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Giants vs. Steelers: Second half begins for New York

The Giants begin the second half of the 2012 NFL season Sunday when they host the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Al Bello

Tom Coughlin is in his ninth season as New York Giants' head coach. In each of those seasons the Giants have won at least five games in the first half of season, and in seven of those nine seasons the team has won six or more.

That is the case again this season. The Giants are 6-2 with a comfortable 2.5-game lead over the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles (both 3-4) entering the second half of the season. That second half begins Sunday when the Giants host the Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3) at MetLife Stadium at 4:25 p.m. ET.

The Giants have won two Super Bowls under Coughlin's direction, but the second halves of regular seasons have always proven more difficult than the first eight games. Coughlin did not want to discuss the past when it was brought up to him earlier this week.

"We're very happy to be 6-2. We have a long way to go. We have a lot of work to do to be the team that we want to be. While it's nice to put that number up there, at this point in time, the significance is how we continue to grow and develop as a team from the start that we've had," Coughlin said. "We know how difficult this league is, we know how difficult these games that we play and our divisional opponents play week-in and week-out. It's not easy to win."

The Giants have won four straight. to make it five they will have to beat a Pittsburgh team that has won its last two games. Pittsburgh is second to the Baltimore Ravens (5-2) in the AFC North.

The Giants are favored by 3.5 points.