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Giants' David Wilson thinks he is headed to the Hall of Fame

New York Giants' rookie running back David Wilson predicts that he will be an NFL Hall of Famer, and compares himself to birth control.

New York Giants' running back David Wilson returns a kickoff.
New York Giants' running back David Wilson returns a kickoff.

You have to give New York Giants' rookie running back David Wilson credit for having confidence in himself. After what Wilson said to Bob Glauber of Newsday this week, however, you have to think he is getting ahead of himself. Way, way ahead of himself.

"I think at the end of my career, I'll be in the Hall of Fame," he said. "I know myself, and I know [when] I have guys around me that feel the same way, which I feel I do. When I get my opportunity, the sky is not the limit. I think it's past it. You have to believe in yourself to do good things. This is how I feel."

Wilson also added the following comment:

"I'm like birth control," Wilson said. "You have to believe in me. Like birth control, 99.9 percent of the time I'm going to come through for you."

Wilson, the Giants' first-round draft choice, lost a critical fumble in the season-opening game against the Dallas Cowboys and has had limited opportunities on offense since. For the season, he has carried 15 times for 87 yards (5.8 yards per carry) and caught one pass for three yards. He has made his mark mainly returning kickoffs, averaging 28.4 yards on 19 returns.

Since that fumble the Giants have been concerned about Wilson's ball security.

"I think he knows that's an area he's had problems with in the past. It's an area that is exploited more cleverly and with more efficiency at this level. It happened to him early in his career so he's highly sensitized to it," said Giants' offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride. "If it becomes a continual problem, it'll diminish his opportunities, so he's certainly conscious about it. He's trying to do the right thing and the more he continues to do the right thing, the more opportunities he'll get to play."

Certainly, you have to play to reach the Hall of Fame. Head coach Tom Coughlin seemed to indicate this week that Wilson is inching his way closer to getting the opportunity he craves.

"Every day he works, he understands a little bit more, he does a little bit better job in pass protection, and when he gets his chance in the game, he comes through. That certainly helps," Coughlin said.