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Perry Fewell discusses challenge of defending RGIII

Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell talked about facing the dangerous Robert Griffin III on Sunday.

Patrick McDermott

The New York Giants will get their first crack at the Washington Redskins and quarterback Robert Griffin III in Week 7 on Sunday, and defensive coordinator Perry Fewell recently spoke about the unique problems the dynamic rookie presents.

On discussing what he's seen of Griffin III in the film room, Fewell had this to say:

"I'm impressed with him as a rookie. He has great command out there. They put a lot on his shoulders and obviously he's up to the challenge to go out and make the offense work. If you look in the red zone, I think they're 12 for 12 in the red zone. They have some staggering numbers."

"Offensively, they are in the top five, top 10 in the league," Fewell continued. "So for a young rookie quarterback to come in and carry that much on his shoulders, he's a special guy."

After already facing mobile quarterbacks like Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers and Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles, Fewell said that while they're comparable, Griffin III is a different type of threat altogether.

"It does help a little bit (facing two option attacks in the past). I believe that Robert Griffin is a lot different than the guys that we have played at this point," Fewell said. "He is an extremely -- not that those guys are not good athletes -- but he is an extremely gifted athlete and he can go from 0-60 right now.

"When you put the ball in his hands and obviously they do, they expect him to win. So you have to win your matchups against him."

The Giants host the Redskins in MetLife Stadium on Sunday, with kickoff set for 1 p.m. ET.