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Giants' Perry Fewell still confident in shaky defense

New York Giants' defensive coordinator Perry Fewell remains confident despite the issues his group has had the past couple of weeks.

Al Bello - Getty Images

The New York Giants have surrendered an average of 5.1 yards per rushing attempt the past two weeks. Their vaunted pass rush has only eight sacks, which is 24th in the league, including zero last Sunday vs. the Cleveland Browns. Overall, the Giants are 22nd in the league defensive, surrendering 372.8 yards per game.

Ask defensive coordinator Perry about the issues, though, and he makes the issues plaguing the Giants -- especially in the front seven -- seem like no big deal.

Perry, what about the lack of sacks?

"They'll get sacks, they'll get hits. I have a lot of confidence in those guys. They'll play, they'll be fine," Fewell said on Thursday. "You know what, the way the offenses are attacking us right now, sometimes that limits their opportunities. The ball does come out pretty quick on us. The way people are playing us, it doesn't matter. We give them a number of opportunities to do what they do best. Obviously yes, we have to figure out and make the game more one dimensional. If we do a better job in the run game, we can help them by letting them do what they do best."

So Perry, what about that leaky run defense?

"I think last week, and in some of the other ball games, last week was a product of tackling. We had a number of missed tackles in the game that we have to improve on," Fewell said. "Just discipline in our other ball games. The ball would leak out and bounce outside of us, etc. Tackling and just discipline in our gaps."

See? Simple. Question is, why haven't the Giants been doing those things the past couple of weeks?

So, Giants fans. Are you as confident as your team's defensive coordinator?