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NBA Free Agency 2012: Brook Lopez, Nets Talk About Contract Extension, According To Sources

There's still a lot of time for the Brooklyn Nets and Orlando Magic to work out a deal for All-Star center Dwight Howard. However, with talks between the two teams reaching a standstill, it looks as if the Nets are looking to take care of their own before doing anything drastic.

According to Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski, the Nets and center Brook Lopez, a restricted free agent, are talking about a possible contract extension. The move, says Wojnarowski via Twitter, is to either lockup the young big man for the long-term or to set up a sign-and-trade with the Magic.

Since the start of the NBA free agency, Lopez has been rumored to be one of the main pieces in a possible trade for Howard -- this makes sense since Orlando would need to have a center in return.

There are no details yet on what the possible contract numbers could be.

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