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Brooklyn Nets News And Rumors: Marcus Camby, Gerald Green And More

Dwight Howard is still a member of the Orlando Magic, and apparently will be for a while yet. The Brooklyn Nets, though, have become a desirable destination for NBA veterans looking to hook on with good teams. Here is some of what is making news around the Nets today.

The Nets are apparently on Marcus Camby list of potential teams, according to Frank Isola of the Daily News See below:

Small forward Gerald Green meets with the Nets on Sunday. Peter Vescey reports that the Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls are also interested.

Deron Williams: Nets getting Joe Johnson was key to me re-signing
"I was really close to going to Dallas. I actually thought that's where I was going to go," Williams said after the U.S. Olympic team opened training camp Friday.

After news broke that Johnson was Brooklyn-bound, Williams said he felt the Nets "for a longer time would be the better team.''

"Joe got me over the hump,'' he said. "I've never played with anybody like him, a guy on the wing that can get his own shot and also get me involved and is a great defender. We could be one of the top backcourts in the NBA for sure."