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Deron Williams Free Agency Rumors: Mavericks Resigned To Losing Williams?

Deron Williams met with both the Brooklyn Nets and Dallas Mavericks on Monday, and from the reports coming out of those meetings it seems like the Mavericks are resigned to Williams choosing to stay in Brooklyn as the Nets open the Barclays Center.

One report indicated that Dallas owner Mark Cuban did not even attend the franchise's meeting with Williams. [via Ken Berger of CBS Sports]

That would be a sure sign that the Mavericks are not expecting to land Williams. As would the fact that a source called the meeting a "wasted trip."

Thus, the news appears to be getting better and better for Brooklyn. The Nets have agreed to a deal for star shooting guard Joe Johnson. It now appears they are very much in play for Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard. Now Williams, the reason for all of the frenzied activity in the first place, seems headed to Brooklyn along with the Nets franchise.

If all three of these dominoes fall into place could life get any better, Nets fans?