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Nets Trades/Rumors/Signings: Brooklyn And Brook Lopez Discussing Max Deal

The Brooklyn Nets haven't been looking to save too much money this offseason.

The team is now in negotiations to lock up Brook Lopez with a max-contract, according to Yahoo Sports.

Lopez is one of the more talented big men in the league and if the Nets aren't able to land Dwight Howard, Lopez would be a nice consolation prize. Of course, he would also be essential in a sign-and-trade deal for Howard, so it's very much a fluid situation.

However once Lopez signs a contract with the Nets, he can't be dealt until December due to league rules.

With the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers now in hot pursuit of Howard as well, maybe the time has come for Brooklyn to re-double their efforts elsewhere in hopes of building a long-term contender.

Since Lopez is a restricted free agent under Brooklyn's control, the deal could be worth up to five years and $78 million. It is believed Nets general manager Billy King is putting in protection for the team against Lopez's bothersome right foot.

Considering Lopez only played five games in 2011-12 after breaking it twice, King is undoubtedly making the prudent move by doing so.

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