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NBA Free Agency Rumors 2012: Potential Luis Scola Trade To Nets Falls Apart

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It has been a busy Saturday night for the Nets, who have been the subject of trade rumors and free agency possibilities ranging from Deron William's impending decision to Dwight Howard's interest in being traded to Brooklyn. Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski, who earlier reported on a discussed trade between the Hawks and Nets involving All-Star guard Joe Johnson, tweeted that the Nets were also in deep negotiations with the Houston Rockets for a deal that would've sent power forward Luis Scola to Brooklyn. That trade, however, appears to have fallen apart at the finish line.

The timing of the trade's failure to be completed, coupled with the rumored interest of All-Star center Howard, could prove to be nothing more than a coincidence. If the Nets caught wind of Howard's conversation with Orlando GM Rob Hennigan though, the possibility remains that they may have moved pieces off the table that were set to head to Houston in a trade for Scola. The same could be said about their ongoing discussions with the Atlanta Hawks to acquire Joe Johnson.

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