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NBA Free Agency Rumors 2012: Nets, Hawks Discussing Deal Involving Joe Johnson

On the eve of the NBA's free agency period, rumors surrounding free agents and potential trades have been swirling abound. Perhaps the most desired free agent in the 2012 class, Deron Williams, will reportedly be choosing between the Brooklyn Nets and the Dallas Mavericks for his future destination. The Nets, in desperate need of bolstering their roster to appease Williams, are apparently in discussions with the Atlanta Hawks to acquire All-Star shooting guard Joe Johnson. This according to Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski:

Wojnarowski followed up his original tweet by stating that both teams are in discussions with other organizations and a deal is far from coming to fruition. But a possible Johnson deal could boost Brooklyn's chances at re-signing Williams, while providing long-term salary cap relief to the Hawks. It remains unclear who the Nets would send back to the Hawks, considering Gerald Wallace is an unrestricted free agent and Brook Lopez is also a free agent (although restricted).

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