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2012 NBA Free Agency, Brooklyn Nets: Deron Williams Not The Only Free Agent Story

The 2012 NBA Free Agency period begins at midnight. We know that the big deal for the Brooklyn Nets will be whether or not star guard Deron Williams chooses to stay with them or head to the Dallas Mavericks.

There are rumors already that Williams and Jason Kidd want to play together, and that they will likely do so with Brooklyn. We have to wait until at least Monday to find out for sure, however, since Williams is meeting with both teams on Monday.

The Nets, however, have a lot of other work to do. Here is a list of all of their free agents [via]

Free Agents: G Jordan Farmar, G Sundiata Gaines (restricted), G/F Gerald Green, F Kris Humphries, F Damion James, G Armon Johnson, C Brook Lopez (restricted), F DeShawn Stevenson, F Gerald Wallace, G Deron Williams, F/C Shelden Williams

Humphries could be difficult for the Nets to keep as the power forward could be wooed by the Philadelphia 76ers.