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NBA Draft Lottery History: Nets Hoping For A Little Bit Of Lottery Luck

The Brooklyn Nets are hoping that the ping pong balls fall their way Wednesday night in the 2012 NBA Lottery. This is the Nets 16th time that they have been in the lottery, and their luck with moving up has been met with mixed results.

The biggest jump the Nets had was back in 2000 where they were projected at the No. 7 spot, and they were able to earn the No. 1 selection and proceeded to draft Kenyon Martin. That is something the Nets need because if they do not move into one of the top three spots they lose their draft pick to the Portland Trail Blazers.

The odds that the Nets can move up into top three and keep their pick is at 25 percent. Finishing in the top three has happened six times in their history.

In 2010 the Nets had the best odds of getting the No. 1 pick, but ended up with the third selection, taking forward Derrick Favors. The Washington Wizards got the No. 1 pick and selected John Wall.

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