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Deron Williams Offseason: Nets, Billy King Confident Guard Will Return

The New Jersey Nets are putting the finishing touches on their 2011-12 campaign, before officially becoming an organization based in Brooklyn. On Tuesday, speaking at the year-end wrap-up press conference in East Rutherford, NJ, Nets general manager Billy King said the franchise is confident that point guard and possibly free-agent-to-be Deron Williams will be making the transition with them.

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''I feel pretty good,'' King said. ''I haven't wavered all year in my thought process with this. I think he and I understand what I've got to do and where we've got to get to. The goal is to win. The goal is to not be talking to you this early in the year in the spring. If we can come back with our core and add to that, I think we have a great shot to be playing postseason basketball next year.''

Of course, the odds of Williams believing that are slim, especially since the 27-year-old has made it clear that he's going to opt out of his contract and test the free-agent market this offseason. Despite the odds of Williams, who's walking away from $17.8 million next season, resigning, King said resigning him is a high priority.

''Obviously, Deron and Gerald Wallace are key pieces that we would like back in the fold. (And) Brook Lopez,'' said King, who also wants to re-sign Gerald Green, who averaged almost 13 points after coming out of the developmental league. ''They are major, big-time free agents, and you add Humphries in there as a starting four."

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