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John Calipari Rumors: Kentucky Coach Douses New York Knicks Talk

And just like that, the John Calipari rumors are dead, maybe. Responding to rumors connecting him to the New York Knicks' coaching job next season, the coach of the National Champion Kentucky Wildcats said on Wednesday that he does not want to coach in the NBA.

In a report from ESPN, here is what Calipari had to say:

"All of those teams know I'm not doing anything," Calipari said. "I'm not changing. I'm going to continue to see my friends who coach in the NBA and see my former players who play in the NBA. I'm going to continue to go to games."

Calipari doubled down on his commitment to coaching Kentucky, the school that gave him an eight-year, $36.5 million deal in 2011. He set his sights on leading the Wildcats to overturning UCLA's record for the most NCAA national championships. UCLA has 11; Kentucky has eight following Monday's win.

SB Nation New York explored the possibility of Calipari to the Knicks earlier.

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