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Brooklyn Nets Logos Unveiled

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The Nets are moving to Brooklyn, and now they have new logos to go along with their fancy new building.

Those logos and the team's new color scheme were unveiled Monday as the Nets continue to prepare for their move to Brooklyn and the brand new Barclays Center.

Photos below the jump:

Jay Z created the new primary logo (viewed on the left above), which retains the shield from the New Jersey Nets logo and uses only black and white. The logo looks relatively plain to yours truly, but according to, Jay Z "believes the design's boldness demonstrates confidence in the new direction" and Nets CEO Brett Yormark called it "the new badge for Brooklyn."

The secondary logo features a "B," on the middle of a basketball, inside the words "Brooklyn, New York." Nothing overly exciting or earth-shattering, but still: The Nets are moving to Brooklyn, and now they have colors and logos.

New jerseys (kind of ironic to call them that, eh?) will follow at some point in June, according to SB Nation's Nets Daily.