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Former Net Jayson Williams Released From Jail

Former New Jersey Nets forward Jayson Williams has been released from jail after 26 months (eight in New York for a drunken driving charge, 18 months in New Jersey for charges resulting from the shooting death of Williams' chauffeur). Williams has spent the past eight months at Rikers Island.

Williams said after his release:

"I am eager to see my daughters, my mother and siblings and make amends for what they've been through, the former New Jersey Nets star said through his manager. "Start my life over with God being first and in the center of everything I do." (via ABC New York)

His manager also said that Williams has attended counseling sessions, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and taught Bible study classes in order to distance himself from the troubles that landed him in prison.

Williams retired from the NBA in 2000 after a leg injury. The former St. John's player and first-round NBA Draft pick was a member of the Nets from 1992-1999 after playing for the Philadelphia 76ers from 1990-1992. Williams averaged 7.2 points and 7.5 rebounds per game and was an NBA All-Star in 1998.